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Shapeways 3D print service announced a brand new contest, this one for students only. Named the “2010 Shapeways Full Color 3D Print Student Contest”, it would appear this is an annual affair. It’s called a “Color” contest because the idea is to print your model with Shapeways new color material, “Full Color Sandstone”. One major limitation: Shapeways is only accepting designs whose print cost (at their service) is between USD$25-50. 
No, you cannot enter this contest unless you are actually a full time student, so don’t get any ideas, graduates! Just create your unique and intricate design, zip it up as a VRML97 or X3D file and upload to Shapeways. If you win the contest (as decided by the Shapeways Mandarins), you’ll be awarded USD$100 worth of Shapeways printing services. The top five will all receive a free printout of their design. As for the winner, we suspect they might print a few more copies with their USD$100 credit. 
The contest is accepting entries now, and closes on 31 May, with the winner being chosen by 7 June. Good luck!
Via Shapeways 
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