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A Student Prints an Engine Block

A wonderful story by Julie LaChance relates her first encounter with a 3D printer. We love these stories because we can see the awesome and profound revelation people feel when they suddenly "get it" and realize what could be when 3D printing breaks out. 
In this story, Julie had a "you have to see this" moment when a student modelled an engine block and then printed it (apparently on the school's ZCorp 3D printer). Julie walks us through the steps from design to curing with Z-Bond. 
What a fantastic opportunity!  Drafting classes across the district can print to this printer and while i was in the classroom, I saw a few other student graduation projects that were being printed.  I think this is such a great way to display the works that students have created in a way that is more meaningful to that student as well as students or teachers (like me) that really don't understand the programs they're using in that class.  
Welcome to the 3D world, Julie!

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