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Bensons Has the BFB 3000

We've written about the BFB 3000 before: it's a fully assembled 3D printer priced under  £2,000. Marketed in the UK and US by A1 Technologies, we now see that the device is being sold in Australia and New Zealand by Benson Machines. 
The BFB 3000 is produced by Bits From Bytes and is a well-constructed RepRap-style device offering up to three print heads. This means you can print objects in three different colors. The base model, however, comes with only one head. 
Bensons Machines is a well-established firm - over 100 years old - marketing a huge variety of manufacturing machine tools, from grinding to milling to turning, and now fabricating. 
Bits From Bytes continues its aggressive marketing plan, which now seems to span several continents: the Sun never sets on BFB. It must be working, since there's currently a seven-week wait time for ordering a BFB 3000. 
Via Bensons Machines (Hat tip to Clare)

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