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A Simple Scanning Service

3D Scanner manufacturer GKS Global Services has introduced a really simple method of obtaining complex 3D scans. They're addressing the scenario where you need a 3D model of an existing physical object, but you can't afford to buy your own scanner and/or don't happen to have the skills to convert the data into a usable 3D model. 
How simple is it? There's only three steps:
  • Send them a photo of the object in question. They'll use the photo to provide a quote for the work
  • Send the part (assuming you accept their quote)
  • Wait for your 3D model to arrive
We presume there's a fourth step in which your original part is returned, but they don't mention that specifically.
The service can provide STL, parasoled or parametric results. They also offer onsite scans if required - if your object doesn't happen to fit in a box. 

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