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The Columbus Idea Foundry

The Columbus Idea Foundry is one of many community workshops that keep popping up all over the globe. Their mission:
The “Idea Foundry” is intended to serve those in the community who express interest in art, design, engineering, and fabrication but have not yet found a viable outlet for exploring such a complex combination of ideas and creative thought.
Like all community workshops, they encourage novice makers to mix with more experienced "master fabricators" to share knowledge and techniques. The foundry includes both workshop and classrooms, and teaches "introductory hands-on classes in fields such as welding, silversmithing, blacksmithing, jewelry making, small and large metal casting, stained glass soldering, CAD/CAM/CNC, screenprinting, electronics, and more". When trained, members are permitted to rent build time on the various equipment available in the foundry's workshop, typically far beyond what any individual could afford on their own. But the value of shared knowledge: priceless. 

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