3D Memories?

We’ve written before about the sentimental value of 3D printed objects. Consider the notion of capturing 3D data from a pregnant woman’s ultrasound scan of her unborn child – and then reproducing the child in 3D even before it’s born! These and many other similar activities are quite possible these days with 3D print tech. 
This idea has been realized by UK-based interactive producer and blogger Sermad Buni, who, after inspiration by a Shapeways post, writes an interesting post entitled “3D Printing Memories”. Sermad says:
what artifacts and objects do I have that I would never want to lose. Could I make a copy of an object – in essence save it’s memory. If you copied a family heirloom – a vase for example. Does this still pass on the memories associated with that object.
What if you could send the ‘data’ of your objects to someone as a gift and they take this into a the 3D printing equivalent of snappy snaps – 1hr later they have an object.
We wonder the same things, and want to do them. We all have collections of things, things that make us what we are because of the memories contained within them. If we can ensure they stay with us and others forever, let’s do it. 
Via Sermad
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