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RapidToday For Sale

We were contacted by fellow 3D print blogger Barnaby Wickham, owner/writer of the popular RapidToday blog. Barnaby says:
I am selling, the rapid prototyping and 3D printing site I own and have edited for the past 2.5 years.  I thought one of your readers might be interested in it. RapidToday has developed good search engine status (Google PageRank of 4) and web visibility (about 6,000 visits a month).  
The site is also very well ranked among relevant search keywords in the rapid prototyping space. 
We're sorry to see Barnaby leave, as he's published many interesting and detailed articles on topics of great interest to Fabbaloo readers. However, we understand how change is sometimes necessary, and wish him well in future endeavors.
The site could be continued on as is, or perhaps used by a manufacturer or service to expand their branding. If you're interested in acquiring the RapidToday blog, please contact Barnaby at the Rapidtoday site.

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