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3D Printed Clip Carries Cyclists Up a Mountain

Design firm Freedom of Creation supported the fight against cancer by helping a popular fundraising event in France on 3 June this year. FOC manufactured a special clip for riders in the annual Alpe d'HuZes. The Alpe d'HuZes is a gruelling cycling event in which participants ride not once, but six times up a mountain that is used for the Tour de France. 
FOC's clip features the Alpe d'Huzes logo, and will be in a new color each year. This encourages participants to return and collect a new clip as a remembrance of their odyssey up the mountain. 
The event was clearly a success, as almost 3300 riders and over 72,000 donors produced an record amount of more than € 10,000,000 for the cancer charity. The value of the clip? Priceless.  
Via FOC and Alpe d'Huzes (Hat tip to Brian)

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