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ZCorp Chases HP?

Perhaps shocked by HP's recent entry into the low-cost commercial 3D Printer market, ZCorp has released two new models that are very inexpensive. The ZPrinter 150 prints only in monochrome, but the price is right: only USD$14,900 gets you one of these babies in your office. 
Monochrome isn't sufficient for your technicolor object dreams? Just pull out another ten large and you'll be able to have the ZPrinter 250 instead. It prints in color. 
ZCorp points out that these printers:
  • Have a small footprint to fit in tinier spaces
  • Easy to use
  • Five times the resolution (of what, we're not sure, but it's 300 x 450 dpi)
  • Have the industry's lowest operating cost per model (likely due to their ability to print multiple, stacked models in a single run)
  • Reasonable build chamber of 23.6 x 18.5 x 12.7 cm
These printers are available today. Isn't competition wonderful?
Via ZCorp (Hat tip to Rednarb)

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