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Add a Floor for only $129

There are tens of thousands of new web-based services that do practically everything, from counting kids' allowances to photo editing to managing your sales process. One of them is FloorPlanner, "the easiest way to create floor plans". They provide a simple web interface with drag and drop capability for true ease of use. 
The service offers two types of personal accounts, in addition to several professional account types: Free (but ad-supported), which provides the ability to create "one house" and a "Plus" account that permits up to "5 houses" without any distracting ads. Plus costs a very low €19 per year. 
The development we noticed was a special option to actually print the floor you've designed - for only USD$129. FloorPlanner has teamed with industry giant Materialise to produce the printed floors, apparently "within 10 days" each.
FloorPlanner suggests these models would be excellent for builders and architects to show to prospective clients as well as "a great gift for new home-owners". We totally agree. 

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