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World's Fastest Motorcycle: Scanned

John Morewood managed to get his NextEngine 3D Scanner HD near the world's fastest motorcycle (360.913 mph / 580.83 kph, holy cow!), the ACK Attack Streamliner, and grab a scan. Hopefully, the beast was not at speed during the scan. This was not just a routine scan, as John says: 
The size of the ACK Attack (21' long X 30" in dia.) pushed the Nextengine's scan envelope into the "more than creative realms ..." A special 3D Scanner Linear Slide and Gantry was designed and assembled to facilitate making 580 individual scans. After five weeks on trying to produce a .IGES file from way too much scanned data the project has been back burnered. I have come to the realization that just because "one" can do something does not mean that "one" should do that something...
We agree with that - and truly admire John's initiative on this one. Although "only" eight days of scanning were done, the setup took weeks. Be sure to read the saga of this amazing scan attempt.

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