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MakerBot on CBS Evening News!

They've hit the big time, hopefully. Last night's CBS Evening News featured MakerBot's Cupcake CNC printer and a very brief segment with 'Bot mandarin Bre Prettis (left), who explained: 
A MakerBot is this magical device that turns ideas into objects... It's a new way of thinking about how we get objects. 
The report went on to explain to viewers the basics of extrusion-based 3D printing and showed several cool examples of printed objects, including the famous whistle - tested by Bre. 
A 15 year old student maker was interviewed, apparently demonstrating how simple it might be to use a MakerBot. Then the reporter further explained how inexpensive the device is (under USD$1000) and said that after shipping more than 1400 units "orders are arriving faster than they can ship out."
This is indescribably fabulous publicity for MakerBot, and we expect them to be swamped with new orders today. We're somewhat concerned, however, that some viewers may underestimate the skill level required to build and operate (and rebuild, and rebuild again) their new MakerBot. Hopefully they'll be able to hook up with a help-community, either nearby or virtual to get them through. Perhaps MakerBot should provide the necessary connections to the appropriate help groups, local maker communities, etc. with every shipment? 
Best part: A very cool time lapse of the Statue of Liberty being printed. 

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