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Win a 3D Printer!

Sure, you'd love to win a 3D printer of your own (in this case the basic MakerBot Cupcake CNC kit), but you'll have to do some work if you're considering entering the 2010 (Un)Limited Design Contest. 
But the work is a little different from what you'd expect in a design contest. From Ponoko: 
Almost all design competitions are build on the same basic premise. People submit their designs, and judges choose the best ones. That’s it. It’s a simple, two-step, process. The (Un)Limited Design Contest is different. In this competition, all of the entries are available to everyone to be modified and resubmitted. In the context of a design competition, this sounds bizarre, but it’s actually a familiar model to all of us. It’s the open-source philosophy applied to a competition.
Sponsored by Premsela and the Waag Society, in cooperation with the Dutch Fablabs and Creative Commons Netherlands, the competition includes four separate categories (form, food, fashion, and the mysterious "fusion" category) and concludes on 9 September. Four Cupcakes are at stake for each of the categories, which will be announced on 24 September at the DMY International Design Festival 2010

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