ZCorp Questions Open Source Printers

ZCorp Questions Open Source Printers A post from Olimpio DeMarco, VP of Research and Development at ZCorp questioned the possibility of using open source 3D printers for business use. He says: 
Who then is buying open source FDM printers? It isn’t clear to me that there is an industrial, true business application for open source 3DP.
He’s probably correct at this point, but as with everything else in the open source universe, it’s a moving target. Open source solutions inexorably get better because there are a great many people working on them. In the software world, the same questions were asked about, for example, web server software. In the end, Apache’s HTTP server software essentially took over the market because its features and cost (zero) slurped up the majority of the market. 
Here’s what we’re wondering: with this post from ZCorp are we seeing the big guys take notice of these open source solutions? Is this the first 3D printing FUD
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