3D Gem Holders

3D Gem Holders Scott Elliot of the SD300 blog came up with a great idea: print Gem holders for homemade gemstones. Well, not exactly homemade, but home-etched. You see, he happens to have a C02 laser with which he’s able to engrave tiny patterns onto the gemstones. He’s discovered the best results are obtained from engraving “lab grown rubies and sapphires (both corundum)”. 
A unique feature of these holders is a flexible flap on the holder’s opening, which both secures the gem for storage and allows it to be pulled out for closer inspection. A flap like this can only be printed on a Solido printer – which is sheet fed. The flap is in fact just a portion of one layer’s sheet. It may be very difficult to reproduce that design on other technologies.  
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