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3D Systems' Print In 3D

It's a brand new site just announced by industry giant 3D Systems: all you need to know about 3D printing all bundled together in one place. "Your 3D Printer Source", is the tagline, and integrates all their material "into a contemporary, intuitive destination serving customers, prospects and partners with a secure, 24-hour online presence"
The site obviously focuses on 3D Systems' products, so it's mostly useful to their client base. Here's some interesting features:
  • Videos explaining how the 3D printing process works
  • A great many images of sample prints (we especially like the Tyrannosaurus head)
  • An interactive product chooser that asks questions and leads you to the appropriate product page
  • A massive set of pages explaining a huge variety of common uses, such as architecture, parts, jewelery, etc. 
  • Explanations of materials, software
  • Training and education
  • Success stories
  • Find a reseller service
and a whole lot more. Well done, 3D Systems! There's one more thing that might interest some: 
For a chance to receive a complimentary 3D model or a sample print from your own design, just register at

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