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Another Slicing Option for BfB

BfB (Bits From Bytes) has announced the availability of a new 3D slicing software option that will be bundled with each of their new 3D printers: Axon. This software is built upon the traditional Skeinforge software that performs the delicate task of converting a 3D model into layered slices suitable for 3D printing. The issue with Skeinforge is a rather difficult interface that appears daunting to new users. 
BfB's prime client base are learning institutions, where the majority of users are in fact students, who we believe will benefit from a simplified interface. The other benefit is that the software is free; many current BfB customers use NetFabb, which while being a great program is definitely not free. We think that Universities and other public institutions that are no doubt enduring financial stress will appreciate the Axon option. 
The new software bundles in all required bits for quick installation. Good work, BfB!
Via PRLog (Hat tip to Will)

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