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Ponoko Arriva in Italia

Distributed manufacturing hub Ponoko continues its invasion of Europe by opening an Italian front. They've partnered with a local fabrication shop, Vectorealism, to produce your items locally in Milan. 
The Italian operation joins the Ponoko club, which now boasts manufacturing hubs in San Francisco, London, Berlin and the 10,000 Garages of
Oh, and if you visit the link below, Ponoko will provide a 50% discount coupon for using Vectorealism up until 11 September. 
[UPDATE] We were contacted by Vectorealism's co-founder, Marco Bocola, who says: 
Just a clarification: discount code is available at our own website too (not just via Ponoko)! We have a brand new website, powered by Ponoko
You can check out their website directly here


Via Ponoko

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