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The Future of 3D Printing

Here's an interesting 50 minute video from the Singularlity University by Scott Summit who speaks of many topics of interesting to our readers. Highlights of the "OK, So You Can Create Anything. Now What?" Talk:
  • Introduction to the concept of Mass Production - how the making of things became cheap
  • Some things are simply not compatible with the mass production concept of identical items, such as artificial limbs
  • He speaks of how to get 3D information into digital form (scanning), how to manipulate and change it (3D modelling) and how to "get it out" (3D printing)
  • The trend to do these activities at increasingly lower costs
  • The idea that these new technologies offer the ability to produce complex, unique objects at the same inexpensive cost as mass production
A great video, hope you enjoy it!
Via DesignPlaygrounds (Hat tip to Andy)

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