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3D Print Post Processing: A Wiki

So you've 3D printed your object, and hold it in your hand. Are you finished? Not at all - there's the often-required "post processing" step, in which your object is subjected to various treatments leading to its final, perfected state. That might involve manual trimming of extraneous blobs, painting or in some cases removal of support material. All of this activity and more is considered post-processing. 
But what kinds of post-processing can be considered? Often it's a word of mouth transfer of knowledge to 3D printing apprentices, but today we're seeing a new Wiki that's specifically dedicated to Post Processing: The 3D PrintCraft Wiki. 
This wiki is not well-populated yet, but that's how Wiki's go: share your knowledge with others in a central place. Currently they have information on Dye and Paint, but we believe Fabbaloo readers could contribute hugely to this effort. 

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