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Stratasys Roars Back

Stratasys, the folks behind the popular Dimension series of 3D printers has released their quarterly results. We like to follow their announcements, because by extrapolation we like to pretend we can see what's going on in the entire 3D print industry.
This quarter Stratasys reports their revenue is up quite a bit: 22% over the same period in 2009, leading to over USD$30M. Similarly their net income during the quarter rose to USD$2.3M from only USD$850K in last year's quarter. The number of shipments also increased to 682 from 442. 
What does this mean? We think it's all goodness, as demand for 3D printing seems to be coming back from the depths of recession. Well done, Stratasys! How well are the other manufacturers doing? We can only guess. 

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