The Freedom to Print

The Freedom to Print John of hackable:news complains that whenever they show off their 3D printer, viewers inevitably ask: “Could you print me this, could you print me that”. They just don’t realize how difficult it can be to produce a 3D object. Unless the exact object model is readily available (and findable) within a repository like Thingiverse or similar, you must crack open a 3D modelling software tool or fire up a 3D scanner to produce the desired model. 
Fortunately, John managed to learn the basics of Blender “during my geeky vacation so that we can know answer any (simple, thanks :)) printing request during events”. 
This, we think, will be the eventual fate of everyone in this space: being those that can practically bridge the gap between the idea and the real by being able to create 3D models. 
If only it was easier. 
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