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3D Print Wishes for 2011

We did it last year, so we must do it again this year. What would we wish to happen in 2011? 
  • A capable and assembled 3D printer for under USD$1500. The Up! 3D printer was initially priced at USD$1500, but that was an introductory price and it's now well over USD$2600, far out of reach for many. We think a device in the USD$1000-1500 range would enable a lot more people to get involved in 3D printing.
  • A consumer-oriented online market for 3D models. For sure there's Thingiverse, but it's oriented around makers, not consumers. There are consumer oriented repositories, but they're usually attached to a 3D print service. How about a market for actual consumers owning their own 3D printers? Where they could download items focused on consumer segments (girls, sports, home repair, etc.) 
  • Commercial manufacturers enter the consumer market. 3D Systems took a step in this direction in 2010 by acquiring BfB, but what about the other manufacturers? Will they remain on the sidelines as the consumer market heats up? Or will they enter the consumer space by acquisition or developing their own device? 
Whew! Those are big wishes. Maybe they will come true, and we'll check at the end of 2011. 

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