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Modular Desktop CNC Machine Needs Your Help

AJ Quick's new Kickstarter project is an inexpensive but highly capable desktop CNC machine. The device was designed by University of Minnesota Mechanical Engineering students specifically for use by home operators or perhaps even light business use. While the original prototype was quite successful, they want to take the concept to the next level. To do so, they've redesigned the machine for home use: it' affordable and will easily fit in your workshop. However, to get it off the ground they need your help. 
They're seeking assistance via Kickstarter, the venture-capital-in-the-cloud service that has proven very successful. By contributing to their project, you'll be able to enjoy various levels of awards depending on the amount of your contribution. The highest contribution levels ensure you'll receive a kit so you can build your own desktop CNC. 
The device is quite capable, including a cutting area of 18"x12" (46x30cm), a very rigid frame and:
... hundreds of dollars worth of shafts, bushings, bearings and professional leadscrews to get it moving! In fact, 80% of the machines’ cost is in these expensive linear motion components. To put it simply, this machine is awesome!
As of this writing, they're already over their contribution goal - but if you're interested in supporting them, please take a look before February 15, 2011 when the funding round closes. 
Via Kickstarter and QuickCNC (Hat tip to Kris)

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