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Scott Elliot Invents an Insert

Scott Elliot, owner of a very busy Solido SD300 plastic-sheet 3D printer has come up with yet another amazing design: shipping inserts to ensure safe travels for package contents. 
Since Scott uses the SD300, he is able to print items not possible with other extrusion-based devices. The plastic sheet approach can print objects with hinges and large flat areas, and with some imagination and planning, these can be folded into unusual mechanisms. 
This time Scott needed to ensure a package's contents would be secure, so he carefully designed a unique foldable beam that could be arranged to provide shock-absorbing space between the important bits in the package. 
And what was Scott shipping? A 3D model, of course!  
We're also wondering what Scott will do now that Solido seems to have ceased operations. Will Scott switch to a RepRap or MakerBot? 

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