Print A 3D Printer Today!

Print A 3D Printer Today!A surprising item showed up in Thingiverse the other day: an entire 3D printer! Thingiverse is one of the most widely used open source repositories for 3D models suitable for 3D printing, and you’ll see all kinds of interesting items appear. But today’s item was worth a post: user wacko posted a 3D model of the popular Up! 3D printer from PP3DP. 
No, it doesn’t actually work; It’s just the shape of a 3D printer. To actually reproduce a 3D printer you have to look at the RepRap project
But nevertheless, we think this is where we want to end up. Find the model and print it, even if it’s a printer. 
BTW, we did a review of the *real* PP3DP Up! printer the other day in case you missed it. 
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