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3D Modelling Contract Work

You're an experienced 3D modeller and have some time on your hands? Why not try doing some contract work for extra cash? One way to do this is at Projects For Freelancers, a site where the needy can post a job and the skilled can bid on a job. 
The site works as an auction and includes a variety of 3D modelling jobs, but is really a front for Freelancer, Scriptlance and VWorker (formerly RentACoder). The advantage is that you can search for say, "3D Model" and get results from all sites simultaneously. 
One job that caught our attention was one entitled, "Convert, repair and prepare Sketchup model for 3D printing", something that could be easily be done by many Fabbaloo readers: 
I have a Sketchup model that needs repairing so that I can 3D print from it. When converted it is non manifolded and various other problems. The best option would probably be to use the existing model as a reference and create a new one correctly from scratch...
Don't let your skills go to waste!

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