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Replicating The Volcano

Students at Clevedon School in North Somerset made a volcano. A tiny one - based on NASA 3D data they downloaded and converted into a 3D model. The model was then pushed through a Bits From Bytes RapMan, giving the students the opportunity to see and touch the shape of an actual volcano. In this case, the volcano was the infamous Mount St. Helen's. 
Students were able to visualize and experience the change in the volcano's shape as a result of the major 1980 major eruption, in which a rather large chunk of the summit collapsed.  
We think this is yet another amazing use of 3D printing: taking 3D digitized data and making it real. For some reason, people resonate with physical things they can touch. It's one thing to spin a diagram around on a screen, but something else happens when you're holding it in your hand. 
Via PRLog

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