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3D Print a Kindle!

Not exactly, but it's surprisingly close to printing a Kindle. Maker Stergios Stergiou has designed a combination case and magnifier that blows up an iPhone 4 screen to 6 inches in size - approximately the same size as an actual Kindle. This makes it much easier to read eBooks, for example. 
The device, called a "Tarsier", uses a foldaway fresnel lens that clips onto the 3D printed frame that surrounds the iPhone 4. Where do you get this amazing device? Head over to Shapeways, where it's on sale now for only USD$40-45, depending on which material is selected. 
Stergios says: 
A few weeks back I designed a neat little gadget for the iPhone 4. It acts as a case for it, but with an additional twist: It has a detachable fixture for a fresnel lens that magnifies the iPhone's screen to about 6" !
It's about the size of a Kindle, in color and of higher resolution, it's great for reading eBooks (I find it very practical for reading research publications myself.) It's great for watching movies and playing games as well!
Note that because Shapeways doesn't print Fresnel lenses, you'll have to order that from Stergios' company, Nulogia, separately. Just send them your receipt from Shapeways and they'll forward you the lens. 
Finally we'll be able to read the tiny print on our iPhones!

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