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The Platon 3D Printer

Secretly announced in a comment on one of our posts was the existence of a new commercial 3D printer offering from Danish company Create It Real. The Platon 3D Printer is apparently a plastic extruder, judging from the brief video. There is scant little information about this device, but it is supposed to be available in 2011 for €3000 (USD$4080).
Other things we noticed:
  • It's assembled - and should be for that price
  • Unclear whether it includes a heated bed - or not
  • Does not seem to include a method of automatically ejecting completed objects 
  • May include different exterior paneling options
  • The printer is still in development, but prototypes do exist 
  • The prototype appears to have two print heads for two different filaments
Two years of development have been behind this printer. Founder Jeremie Pierre Gay wishes to produce a machine suitable for small business, and the price and features might be right for that market. For hobby makers, it's perhaps too expensive. 
We're going to monitor Create It Real and see when this device is available for sale. 

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