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You've designed something ultracool for your 3D printer and want to sell it. But how? One way you might consider is getitmade, a site kicking off new ideas:
getitmade is a new kind of marketplace where anyone with a product idea can test the market and use social networking to generate pre-sales and get the product made. Using getitmade allows Innovators (designers, inventors, companies and ordinary people) to take their product ideas to the production stage by pre-selling on getitmade to raise the money.
Your idea goes through a "Kick-Off" stage, in which you receive feedback before you produce the item. After some product tuning, you'll move to the "Pre-Sales" stage, where buyers reserve a unit for themselves. When you have sufficient orders, start making! 
What's the catch? getitmade will take a whole ten percent of your sales - but only after your pre-sales target is reached, which could be quite high.  
Not a maker? You can still use getitmade by simply picking products of interest and buying a copy for yourself - and there's some very interesting items for sale right now. Check them out!

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