How To Assemble A BotMill Glider

How To Assemble A BotMill GliderWhat? You say the BotMill Glider 3D printer is already assembled? That’s correct, it is. We mean how does BotMill assemble them, not you
In order to save 3D printer operators a heck of a lot of work (and ensure consistency among all the Gliders) BotMill sells these units in fully assembled form. We wondered about this, fearing that if BotMill suddenly received a slew of orders for their new 3D printer, they might not be able to supply them because it seemed they were being handmade per order. 
Not so, explains BotMill CEO Gil Mayron, who contacted Fabbaloo this morning. He explained that they’ve carefully engineered an assembly process that should be able to keep up with a reasonable amount of orders. He says:
It took us roughly 8 months to figure out how to position our employees in order to speed up response times. What we did: Instead of one person taking eight hours to do one assembled printer, we have several people producing many small assemblies with one master assembler in the end as well as one more person to inspect the finished product before it heads off to packing/shipping.
And there you have it. We believe this approach is probably as efficient as could be achieved without applying mass production technology. And in the event that BotMill is still swamped with orders, well, that’s a problem we’re sure they’d like to have. 
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