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Unlimited 3D Printing For Only $10K?

We've found out a bit more about MCOR's intriguing free 3D printing program, called "freeDrevolution". As we wrote earlier, the idea is to give you (literally) a free commercial 3D printer (the MCOR Matrix, of course) and then you simply pay a flat fee to cover all printing costs - including maintenance and supplies. In principle this could permit unlimited 3D printing at a fixed cost, but you'll obviously be limited by the capacity of your machine. 
We inquired about the pricing and found there there are some discounts available if you confirm a long-term deal. Here's the details (per year equivalent cost):
  • One year plan: £9,950 / €11,400 / USD$15,600
  • Two year commitment : £7,600 / €8,700 / USD$11,900
  • Three year commitment: £6,530 / €7,500 / USD$10,235
At the lowest cost level, this seems to be a pretty good deal. Of course, you must remember that MCOR's 3D printer is fuelled by common paper as its print material, so you'll have to supply that on your own. Nevertheless, could mean you pay only USD$10K per year for unlimited 3D printing!

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