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Up!'s Platform Suit

PP3DP has introduced a possible solution to the scourge of all home 3D printer operators: ABS warping. 
As most 3D printer operators discover (usually catastrophically) certain shapes and sizes of ABS plastic prints tend to curl as the print proceeds. Usually thin edges are the worst. This problem actually severely limits the size of ABS prints on some types of 3D printers. Thus a solution is something everyone needs. 
What has PP3DP done? For their popular Up! personal 3D printer they've added a new perfboard build platform feature as part of their new "Platform Suit". Essentially it is a (presumably) disposable perforated board the fits on top of the normal build platform. The idea, as PP3DP says, is this: 
When printing starts, plastic will have more chance to be pushed into all perforations, and this provides a stronger mechanical bond with the bottom surface that prevents it from later lifting.
Exactly! But we have one question: How difficult will it be to remove prints from the perfboard? 
Note: This item is actually on sale at PP3DP until the end of October. Get it now! 

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