Extreme Redesign Contest Winners for 2011

The winners in Dimension’s Extreme Redesign contest for this year have been announced! As is the case every year, the contest has three major categories: College, Art & Architecture, Middle/High School. Buildings & Bridges and Puzzles & Games. 
You can check out all the winners at the link below, but a couple of items caught our eye as being especially interesting. 
The third place winner of the College category was a pair of students from Toronto, David Di Giuseppe and Arash Nouraee, who developed a solution to the problem of using a laptop on your lap. (Aside: shouldn’t that have been a design requirement of all laptops from the start? Hmm.) Their solution is a specialized laptop case that doubles as a safe-to-use desk upon which you may use the laptop. This item even has a great name: Desk2go!
Elliot Wilm of Illinois won the Middle/High School category with something we’ve always needed but were too dumb to think of it ourselves: A doorstop embedded within the door itself! The doorstop acts like a vertical dead bolt that drops down and stabilizes door swing. This not only holds the door open for you when you are hauling in groceries, but also protects the door from scuffs feet kicking and holding open the door while your hands are full. 
Great designs from all the winners!  
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