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Tinkercad Gets Funding

First it was MakerBot with a USD$10M injection, and now it's Tinkercad, that friendly online 3D modeling service that practically anyone can use. They've just received a boost of USD$1M from True Ventures with angel investment from Eghosa Omoigui, Taher Haveliwala, Jyri Engestrom, and Joshua Schachter. 
This is huge news for the small startup company, whose concept promises to break open the 3D space to a much wider audience. Before services like Tinkercad emerged, options for designing your own 3D models were severe, often involving massive expense for pro software and/or very lengthy learning curves. 
We're wondering how Tinkercad will make use of it. Perhaps they'll hire programmers and designers to improve the product. Perhaps they'll launch an advertising campaign to get it in the hands of more people. Maybe a little of both? One question, though: How will they make any money on this venture? 

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