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Kraftwurx Opens

As reported previously, the Kraftwurx 3D print service has been under development for years, but a recent press release indicates they're open for business. You can now buy printed objects from them and upload & print your own objects for printing or for sale. 
The magic behind the nine-person Kraftwurx is their Digital Factory software, which provides a complete environment for managing a distributed network of 3D print providers. From what we see, it seems very comprehensive. Kraftwurx thinks so too, as they've ensured their approach is fully patented. 
Apparently they offer over 40 materials from over 600 bureaus in their network in addition to their own 3D printer as of this writing. The service offers some interesting features such as an ability to automatically direct some of the proceeds of sales towards specified charities. 
Kraftwurx Chief Chris Norman says of the launch: "I have been living on Coffee and 5 hours of sleep for 2 weeks!"
Check out Kraftwurx at the link below. What do you think?

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