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Open Source 3-D Printer Design Competition

Queen's University and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada are sponsoring a new competition for sustainable development. The competition asks that you "design sustainable technologies and their components for printing on open source 3-D printers", specifically the RepRap. 
What exactly is a "sustainable technology"? We're not sure, because that's up to your and your imagination. The possibilities are endless. Winners will be evaluated on several important characteristics: printing feasibility, innovativeness, sustainability, concept feasibility and presentation. 
The competition is open now and closes in February 2012, with winners announced on the  15th of that month. The winner receives CA$1000, while the second place receives CA$250. Three runners-=up will also be announced. While this is sponsored by Canadian organizations, the contest is open to anyone, anywhere. All you need to do is upload your design to Thingiverse with a particular tag and they'll find it. 

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