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DesktopFab Partners with 3D Systems

Some time ago we wrote about a small Texas-based operation called DesktopFab that resold PP3DP's Up! personal 3D printers in the USA. We hadn't heard much from them for quite some time. And then suddenly...
They issued a press release describing their new partnership with 3D Systems. No longer are they selling PP3DP's in the USA; instead they're reselling 3D Systems' entire low-end line of 3D printers. This includes: 
  • BFB 3D Touch
  • BFB RapMan
  • 3D Systems V-Flash
This gives them a pretty decent print point range from the USD$1610 RapMan all the way to the ~USD$10-12K V-Flash. If you are anything from a new hobbyist to a prosumer to a small shop, they seem to have it covered. 
As far as we were aware, DesktopFab were the only US-based reseller of PP3DP's products. We're not sure how PP3DP will react to this; perhaps they'll organize another reseller? It's not all about the device - sales and marketing count, too.  

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