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Up! Is Up!Graded!

The busy technical folks at PP3DP have just released an upgraded Up! 3D printer. The popular personal 3D printer is one of the favorites for home users due to its ease of use and very high-quality output. But what's new on the upgraded machine? 
They've changed quite a few things, but these caught our eye:
  • They've made changes to the CPU board that apparently speeds things up. No word on how much, however
  • The LED light now shows printer status. We feel any feedback is a very important end-user feature since prints usually take so long people really want to know what's going on
  • An initialize switch can reset the printer and a long-awaited power on/off switch appears at the back
  • A new cover protects you from the hot extruder
Many of the new innovations are specifically designed to make life easier and safer for the printer operator. The Up! has a good reputation for easy-to-use software, and now the hardware is catching up. This is a trend we're seeing from most of the personal 3D printer manufacturers - make your device easy to use and you might sell a lot more of them.

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