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If it's in 3D, it will be printed. That is the theme we see everywhere now. The latest venture in the theme is MineToys, a service that can 3D print your MineCraft characters. 
Like those who went before printing World of Warcraft, Mii or Second Life avatars, we now have a service that can replicate your Minecraft character. The service offers two sizes: Big and Small, priced at USD$50 and USD$20 respectively. How big is "Big"? It's 120mm or 4.7 inches tall, while the "Small" is half that size. Curiously, MineToys lists a mysterious "Deluxe" offering that isn't available yet. 
Are they actually printing these characters? Nope, it seems they've teamed up with Shapeways to actually produce the objects using their 3D print service in "Full Color Sandstone".  

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