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Up! 3D Printers On Sale

Want an Up! personal 3D printer? This just might be the right time to buy if you are located in the USA as they're on sale. 
Up3DUSA / X-Object has a special holiday deal underway. The first 100 buyers get an astonishing ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS OFF their purchase. This takes the price from USD$3,250 to only $2,250 for a pretty decent and well-supported assembled 3D printer. 
What do you get? The Up! Start Plus v1.1 includes their new motherboard, single power supply, precision stepper feeder, 0.2mm resolution, and a build envelope of 5.5 x 5.5 x 5.25 inches. 
If you want one of these, you'd better act before December 15th or the 100 are gone.  
[UPDATE] We're now informed the sale actually runs until Dec 31st, so you have more time to get your printer. 


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