3D Systems For Investors

3D Systems For InvestorsWe managed to get a peek at a 3D Systems investors presentation. This is a rather large slide deck with plenty of investor-related data as most investor presentations tend to be, but there were also lots of very interesting statistics and information. We read through the entire piece and found the interesting tidbits for Fabbaloo readers who may be following 3D Systems’ transformation and expansion during the past couple of years:
  • ~700 Employees worldwide
  • ~900 Patents (!)
  • Most of their revenue now originates from outside of the USA
  • Six different kinds of 3D printing engines
  • 90 different print materials
  • Eight locations in the USA; Six in Europe; Six in Asia-Pacific
  • From August 2009 to September 2011 (two years), they added 98 new resellers and 14 new service facilities
  • Revenue breakdown: 41% from Services; 31% from Materials and only 28% from 3D printers
  • Three divisions of printers: Personal, Professional and Production, ranging from a mere USD$1300 up to USD$950K
  • Software products include content creation and digital 3D models
  • 3D printer unit sales grew 273% in 2011 over 2010
  • Nineteen companies acquired in the past 2 years (wait a sec, that’s a lot more than we thought!)
  • The Huntsman materials business acquisition brought in 25 materials and 373 patents! 
We knew 3D Systems was growing, but wow! There’s not many major companies left for them to acquire at this point, but it appears from the above that they likely have almost all they need to grow organically from this point onwards as the market expands. 
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