Stratasys Drifting Away from HP?

Stratasys Drifting Away from HP?In early 2010 big-time 3D printer manufacturer Stratasys signed an agreement with even-bigger-time 2D printer manufacturer HP to market 3D printers. The deal involved Stratasys producing HP-labeled printers that would be marketed through HP’s massive reseller networks. They started sales in Europe later that year.
Now we see this arrangement may not be proceeding as originally intended, at least according to a report on investment blog Seeking Alpha. Here’s what they say:
The company originally had high hopes for its H-P relationship (which was aimed at the engineering segment) but the larger company dragged its feet, holding back performance. Last summer Stratasys essentially threw in the towel and reinstituted its own marketing efforts in lieu of H-P.
Ouch! This move was at first thought to be a potential major breakthrough, taking 3D printing from its current niches into a much wider and possibly more mainstream market. But apparently it has not come to pass, in spite of relatively recent statements from HP to the contrary, at least according to the report.
Does this imply a setback for the progress of 3D printing? We think not. Stratasys and its competitors, as well as the multitude of smaller manufacturers are all growing at steady or even record rates. Progress will happen, HP or not.
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