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The List of Personal 3D Printers, 2011

There's been a rash of low-cost 3D printers emerge recently, so many that it prompted us to write on what we called the "Cambrian Explosion of 3D printers". But what are these printers? We took the time to zip through our previous posts and came up with what we think might be the definitive list of commercial, low-cost personal 3D printers - at least as of this writing. If you know of more (and we're certain you do), please let us know!
What's the difference between them? They're all priced within a similar range, but have somewhat different features, be they build size, number of extruders, case, mechanicals, etc. Another factor that should always be considered is the level of support you can expect. Do they have a community of users? 
Which one should you buy? The one that best suits your needs, obviously! 

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