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Printrbot Hits The Jackpot

Projects appearing on the Kickstarter public venture funding service sometimes surprise everyone with their success, but Printrbot's results seem to make all others look bad. Their concept for a personal 3D printer was presented on Kickstarter in hopes of raising enough cash to produce a number of units and launch their business. But get this - their original goal of USD$25,000 was easily reached, and in fact they exceeded it by a staggering thirty-three times, yielding a massive total of US$830,827! 
To put this in perspective, long-established 3D printer maker MakerBot recently received venture funding of USD$10M. Printrbot has received close to ten percent of that from the public. Mind you, much of that money will be spent producing goods for the subscribers. 
In any case it appears that Printrbot has found themselves a viable business. 

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