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A Tour of Buildatron

PC Magazine took a tour of a Brooklyn, NY-based 3D printer manufacturer, and it wasn't MakerBot. It was Buildatron, an up and coming personal 3D printer operation whose signature feature is a stunning metal case. 
What did they find? They found a tiny manufacturing space, likely very similar to most other personal 3D printer manufacturers these days - but that's the point - this is early days in the technology of 3D printing. PC Mag reckons it's similar to personal computers in the 1970s and we agree. We like to call this time the "Dot Matrix Era" of 3D printing, much like the bad old days of horrible 2D printer output that everyone suffered through decades ago.
Today we find amazing 2D paper printers in almost every home, capable of producing output equivalent to big-time operations in the 1970s. We think the same evolution will take place with 3D printers over the next decade. Or maybe sooner. 
Via PCMag

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