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The RepRap Food

Among the numerous successful and unsuccessful 3D printer kits seeking funding on IndieGoGo and Kickstarter is a rather unusual project: The RepRap Food Printer. 
The project goals are to develop a rudimentary food printer based on the trusted RepRap platform. While many food printing experiments have taken place on previous RepRaps and you can even purchase a food extruder attachment from MakerBot, this project will "create a 3D printer which is solely to create edibles." This is unprecedented, as far as we know. 
What will make this device a dedicated food printer? How about these features:
  • Agitator for stirring the print media
  • Heated bed for "basic cooking functions"
  • Ability to extrude food substances
We're hoping project leader Jordan Fry will include some food safe features as well, not the least of which is cleanability. He's seeking USD$2300 to develop the design by February 2nd. For a USD$199 contribution you'll be able to purchase the parts for the food printer at cost when the project completes. 
We're also hoping this project survives, since the single most asked question about 3D printing we encounter is "can I print food". Let's make it happen!

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