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Wearable 3D Printed Plants

Some may wear a red rose in their lapel, but why not a green plant? The notion of wearing plants is a little strange, but Etsy maker Colleen Jordan has figured out how to do it - with some help from a 3D printer. 
The concept is simple: a miniature flower pot is suspended from a neck chain and brightens your day. Presumably with a little bit of water the plant cutting could last a few days before wilting - and maybe the greenthumb wearers may attempt to actually grow live plants in this manner. But just be careful when you bend forward, or else your fern and soil will end up in your soup. 
Jordan says:
The design for this was created by me using modeling software. It is then 3D printed, and painted and finished by hand. Each one of these is individually painted upon order, and may take up to 3 weeks to ship. Comes with directions on how to add plants and recommendations on which work best. Sorry, but no plants are included with this item.
A wonderful idea nevertheless, and you can buy one on Etsy right now; two styles are currently available for USD$55 each.  

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