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FigurePrints Revisited

Quite some time ago we reported on a unique service: FigurePrints. It's a totally niche 3D print service, but what's the niche? They print custom figurines of your World of Warcraft character. We thought we'd take another look at them. 
How does it work? It's pretty simple, really. You specify your character's name, Realm and Region and pay USD$129 (or €129,95 if your region is Europe). Then you wait a month or so while they develop a 3D model of your character and make it on their 3D printers. After some finishing work, it's ready to ship to you. Interestingly, the price has not changed in all the years gone by.
When we first wrote of FigurePrints in 2007, they were just starting out, and in 2008 were expanding rapidly, moving to 24 hour operation. Today they're still there - and offering services at the same price as two and a half years ago. Meanwhile, their competitor FabJectory, who printed characters from Second Life as well, seems to have disappeared as of May 2007. 
If you're into WoW and 3D printing, you might consider trying out FigurePrints and soon have your character eating out of your hand. 

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